​Worst Diet Trends Of The Year​​

September 9, 2021

Worst Diet Trends. The worst infomercials will promise a great diet and exercise program, but some trends are here to stay. There hasn’t been sweeping changes to fitness and no revolutionary products.

Weight loss is no different today than 2,000 years ago. In other words, some of these new trends that you see jammed on your television set will empty your pocket faster than you can begin. Exercise and being on a great diet will shed the pounds and you will see immediate results.

Circuit training is still a trend. This involves bootcamp workouts with moves like burpees and pushups, strength circuits that focus on classic moves like squats or lunges, cardio circuits to keep the heart rate up or a mix of all three. Whether it’s because we have short attention spans or we’ve realized how efficient these workouts are, we’re doing them more often.

Interval training was once preferred as one of the worst workouts, but they do work. If you missed out on the latest trend, here’s what you missed. It’s treadmill workouts at its best and with high intensity intervals, aerobic intervals and even mixed intervals. You will loss a lot of weight and burn more calories on a treadmill than anything else.

Another trend that seems to remain are “toning shoes.” Users of shoes that are designed to strengthen the joints and create a more efficient movement have reported excellent results. Some people prefer barefoot, which is good, but try a tone shoe that are designed for the legs and rear.