McDonald’s Makeover With Plasma TVs

McDonald’s makeover will include free Wi-Fi and a new dining room. The fast-food chain will spent $5 billion to remodel thousands of restaurants.

McDonald’s makeover will cost more than $5 billion. The fast-food chain wants to attract new customers by offering plasma TVs and lounge chairs. It will also include free Wi-Fi to all stores.

The new strategy is part of a re-branding project. The restaurant has carried the same brand and theme for several decades. There will be a great improvement to its drive-thru by adding a second lane.

Several menu items will be renamed. The interior of the restaurant will have a coffee shop feel. McDonald’s hopes to boost average annual sales at each renovated restaurant from $2.3 million to $3.1 million.

Plasma TVs And Lounge Chairs

The restaurant chain will change the dining experience by adding new plasma TVs and lounge chairs. The restaurant will have a coffeehouse interior instead of its traditional burger and golden arches. The new renovation will also include electric fireplaces to give customers a warm environment.

Renovations For Franchise Owners

Franchise owners will have to kick in half the costs. Several store owners are still paying for new upscale coffee equipment. The renovations will take four to five years to complete.

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