Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 Unveiled

Microsoft Windows Mobile next release is planned for 2009. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said the mobile phone platform upgrade will have new significant features. Ballmer also said that Google’s Android platform has no serious competition with Windows Mobile.

Microsoft Corp on Friday confirmed rumors that it will release a new version of its Microsoft Windows Mobile platform in 2009. The new version 6.5 release will include significant added features to the mobile platform.

“With releases we’ll make this year, releases we’ll make with 6.5 next year, Windows Mobile 7, I think we have a pretty interesting roadmap,” Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said during the 2008 investor briefing for Australian carrier Telstra.

Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 will be the final release before a major overhaul. The new overhaul will include version 7 of the mobile operating system. No release date has been announced it.

Ballmer said that Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 has not been able to deliver the same experience as Apple Inc. Most cell phone users prefer the Apple iPhone platform because the current Windows platform is unfriendly to touch screen technology.

The Microsoft executive gave no specific information on features. However, the current Mobile 6.1 platform is bundled with its Internet Explorer browser which is a key element for both version 6.5 and version 7. Version 6.5 will include H.264 video compatibility with support for Adobe Flash and Silverlight.

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