Microsoft Windows 7 Offers Touch Screen And Better Portability

Microsoft Windows 7 promises better battery life for laptops and has an array of new features not found in Windows XP or Vista. The boot-up times in Windows 7 are nearly twice as fast than Vista. It also offers a new device and printers stage that supports more external devices.

Microsoft Corp is hoping to release its new Windows 7 operating system in 2009. The company’s support site has it slated for fall 2009, although we know how things can change within the year.

“One of the things that we knew that we needed to do was to give you reliable, prerelease builds, builds you could use to do your early work, and builds that would give you confidence that when we say we’re going to ship Windows 7 on a particular date, you’ll believe us,” Jon DeVaan, senior vice president of the company’s Windows Core Operating System Division, said in a statement.

Windows 7 promises better battery life for laptops and an array of new features. The new operating system has faster boot-up times in comparison to Windows Vista.

Microsoft recently demonstrated how Windows 7 has reduced boot-up times in comparison to Vista. The demonstrated involved two PCs, one running the new Windows 7 while the other ran Windows Vista. The Windows 7 PC took several seconds less to boot-up than the Windows Vista machine.

Windows now has a new “Device and Printers” stage where consumers will interact with all external devices connected to the PC. Some of these external devices include a Bluetooth headset, a USB flash drive or a wireless network printer. The Device Stage can also manage mobile phone connections and digital cameras.
Windows Touch has been announced for Windows 7. This new multi-touch technology allows users to move through the operating system by a simple touch of the screen. Users can zoom in, zoom out, and rotate images with their fingers.

There is no official release date for Windows 7. However, the Microsoft products page has two possible release dates. One date showing January 2010, another date showing Fall 2009.

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