Mitt Romney Rapper Sky Blue Altercation On Plane

Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney has an altercation with rapper Sky Blu. The incident occurred while on a plane leaving from the Vancouver Olympics. He only asked Sky Blu to put his seat up before take-off. The musician got out of control and was quickly removed from the plane.

Mitt Romney was involved in a confrontation with rapper Sky Blu. The incident happened on a plane that was leaving the Vancouver Olympics. The musician, Skyler Gorder, said he hit Mitt after he was attacked first.

Romney, 62, and his wife were settling in on a flight from Vancouver after visiting the Olympic Games. A disruptive passenger in front of Mitt’s wife, Ann, rudely moved his chair to the downward position. He was asked by the former governor if he could raise his seat back up.

Rapper Sky Blu then went off on a tangent. He also threatened the former governor of Massachusetts with violence and actually tried to hit him. He was immediately taken off the plane.

Most people don’t even know who this musician is. However, people now feel that he’s using this incident as a publicity stunt. This might be obvious, since he wants to tell the world that he hit Romney.

It seems unheard of to think that the former presidential candidate would ever attack anyone. In fact, most people that read the story can’t even imagine why he would hit Sky Blu in public. The former Massachusetts Governor has a long reputation of being easy, laid back, and slow tempered.

“It reminds me of my kids when they’re fighting in the back seat. One of them always uses the ‘he touched me first’ argument,” said one witness.

Sky Blu Quickly Removed From Plane After Incident

Another witness describes the incident as “hilarious” because the airline didn’t waste any time removing Sky Blu from the plane. I can only imagine the look on Mitt’s face following the 2 minute episode. Some bad musicians might even want a reputation for being a gangster, not all of them want to brag about hitting a 62-year-old man.

Sky Blu claims that the former Republican presidential candidate assaulted him. In fact, he went so far to say Mitt wanted to show some respect for his lady. Sky Blu has come up with two versions of the story.

First of all, Sky Blu was the one thrown off the plane. Second, the airline has policies regarding the seats. Finally, all seats must be moved to the upward position before flight.

Moreover, it isn’t wise for anyone to cause trouble on a plane. In these times, the TSA won’t hesitate to put anyone on the “No-Fly List.” This rapper does believe that the Romney incident will give him 15 minutes of fame, but it will most likely give him problems with the TSA each time he tries to fly.

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