Apple iPhone Owners Warned Of Jailbreaking

Apple iPhone users are warned that jailbreaking mobile phones constitutes copyright infringement and DMCA violations. The company made its formal public statement filed with the Copyright Office.

Apple Inc has filed a formal public statement with the Copyright Office declaring that any form of iPhone jailbreaking constitutes copyright infringement and a DMCA violation. The company argues that jailbreaking a mobile phone removes certain restrictions which are thereby liberating the iPhone from Apple’s software. Furthermore, jailbreaking allows smartphone users to run other applications that are not available from the Apple Store.

“Apple’s iPhone support department has received literally millions of reported incidents of software that crashes on jailbroken iPhones, although it works properly on unmodified iPhones,” an Apple spokesperson said.

Apple iPhone Comes With Rules Of Copyright And DMCA

While critics and loose-cannon blogs are criticizing the company’s move to make it illegal to jailbreak its iPhone, their spokesperson does bring up a valid point when it comes to support and customer service. Just who supports the jail broken phone if the owner tampers with it to run other applications that are not endorsed by Apple? The time spent helping those who didn’t follow the DMCA are using up a ton of resources and time that could be better spent with iPhone users who follow the rules and copyrights.

“For example, one recent software crash caused by jailbroken phones was reported over 1.6 million times from users of just 10,000 jailbroken phones. Two other recent crashes caused by jailbroken phones were reported over 2 million times and over 2.4 million times, respectively,” the spokesperson said.

Unlocking mobile phones to switch wireless carriers could be the next crackdown.

Unlocking the iPhone means that mobile phone users can use other wireless carriers than the one provided for the smartphone. AT&T is the current 3G carrier for all iPhones, but Apple has been lean ant, so far, on allowing owners to unlock their smartphones. However, that could soon change.

Mobile device software that is that compatible for the iPhone can be found in the Apple iTunes App Store. Most of the mobile applications are free and certified by Apple. In fact, the company will even offer support on all products found in the App Store.

Jailbreaking is a method used to hack smartphones

Jailbreaking and the method used to hack the iPhone might also change policies for other companies. The RIM BlackBerry App Store, for example, might update their policies by filing a similar statement with the Copyright Office. While unlocking the iPhone is frowned upon by Apple, it might take further action by asking other wireless carriers for cooperation.

Is jailbreaking really illegal?

However, the courts recognize that modifying the iPhone is part of reverse engineering and is fair use. However, a technology company, especially Apple, could easily put together a defense and allow the court to decide. If iPhone jailbreaking is hurting sales, a court could find evidence where jailbreaking is copyright infringement while taking property assets away from Apple.

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