Windows Mobile 7 Release Date Set For Early 2010

Windows Mobile 7 is the next operating system for smartphones by Microsoft. Company CEO Steve Ballmer leaked the timetable on when consumers will receive the new OS.

Microsoft Corp CEO Steve Ballmer gave the word to financial analysts that a timetable for Windows Mobile 7 has already been set for early 2010. The news of the timetable comes about a week later when Ballmer presented Windows Mobile 6.5 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Ballmer, in his unpredictable manner, gave financial analysts the information during a forecast meeting in New York. Ballmer told the analysts about the timetable and when the new mobile software will launch. While this may surprise most, the company already stated in previous announcements that a newer version would ship with Windows 7.

Windows Mobile 7 might debut with Microsoft’s new operating system for computers.

Windows 7 is the new Microsoft operating system which promises to deliver faster performance and features. Microsoft is trying to upgrade users and to drive home missing revenues from Vista. A large percent of Windows XP users did not upgrade to Vista over concerns of bug reports and hardware requirements.

The news of the timetable spread like wildfire among bloggers and Web sites. Critics are concerned that everything presented last week on Windows Mobile 6.5 is already obsolete. Furthermore, it is obvious that one insider at the meeting leaked the information to the public.

There are no specific details on the new smart phone operating system, but the company could start promoting it sometime in the fourth quarter.

Windows Mobile 7 details on what it will feature has not been released. Ballmer gave no specifics regarding the new mobile phone operating system during the meeting. However, if the new mobile OS is only six months away, then Microsoft will probably start promoting it sometime in the fourth quarter.

This could also mean that Windows 7 could launch within six months.


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