Obama Considers NASA Pentagon Merger

The Obama administration is considering a plan that will merge NASA with the Pentagon. Combining the space program with the Pentagon could help NASA with additional funding for future missions.

The Obama transition team is exploring ideas on merging NASA with the Pentagon. The decision on such a amalgamation, if there is one, would probably benefit the current race to the moon as other countries are accelerating with their space programs.

“Obama has said the Pentagon’s military space program — which spent about $22 billion in fiscal year 2008, almost a third more than NASA’s budget — could be tapped to speed the civilian agency toward it’s goals as the recession pressures federal spending,” according to Bloomberg.

China has recently progressed in its space program and has conveyed the nation’s first space walk this year. The country plans to land a robotic rover on the moon in 2012. If China accomplishes their goal to set foot on the moon, it will equal similar space exploration virtues with the United States.

Obama is considering the NASA Pentagon merger because it makes better financial sense.

Obama believes that it makes better sense to merge the Pentagon space program with NASA. The two programs are highly expensive and the Pentagon already spent a third more in costs in the past year than NASA. The merger could also be a collective effort with some of the most advanced scientists in the world to lead America back to the moon.

“No one really has a firm idea what NASA’s cost savings might be, but the military’s launch vehicles are basically developed. You don’t have to build them from scratch,” John Logsdon, a policy expert at the National Air and Space Museum who has conferred with Obama’s transition advisors, said in a statement.

NASA will retire its space shuttle program next year.

The space shuttle program ends next year which will give NASA a 5 year aperture to return to space using the new Orion spacecraft. The Orion will be used to transport astronauts to the International Space and the moon using Ares I and Ares V rockets. The Pentagon is in favor of such a merger with NASA.

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