AOL Drops Netscape

Netscape Navigator will face its end on March 1, 2008.

AOL has officially announced that it will drop support for the Netscape browser by the bitter end of the month. The web browser was first rumored to end in 2007.

Netscape Navigator Version 9 will still be available to download, but AOL will no longer provide support for the web browser. America Online recommends Firefox where users can install the Netscape theme and extensions for the open-source browser.

AOL originally purchased Netscape in 1998 and the browser continued its slice in market share for nearly a decade. Its recent market share is 0.61 percent, with Microsoft Internet Explorer leading and Mozilla Firefox landing in second place.

The web browser was the dominate choice for Internet surfers after Mosiac faded in the mid 1990s. Netscape opened up the browser’s source code, giving birth to the Mozilla project, which in turn created the popular Firefox browser.
The popular web browsers that Internet surfers are using are IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and OmniWeb.
Perhaps March 1 could be named a new holiday to observe one of the original browsers in history. A browser that lost the browser war while its technology flurished into Firefox.

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