Xbox 360 Discontinues HD DVD Support

Microsoft has confirmed it will discontinue the drive add-on option for HD DVD for the Xbox 360 gaming console.

Xbox 360 support for the HD DVD drive ends after Toshiba announced it will end production of the former drive. The unexpected announcement sends Sony’s Blu-ray into the winning format battle, perhaps the new HD DVD industry standard.

Mirosoft dropped the price on the HD DVD add-on package to clear inventory without notifying consumers of the recent changes. The Xbox 360 maker would not confirm if they plan to offer a Blu-ray add-on for the gaming console.

With high-def DVDs and players costing significantly more than their standard-def counterparts, most consumers haven’t yet made the dazzling jump to high-def DVDs, thus far relegating them to a niche market.

The PlayStation 3 already comes with an internal blu-ray drive currently making it one of the cheapest ways for consumers to play the high definition media DVDs.

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