Yankee Candle Opens In Florida, Offers Free Shipping

The people at Boone Docks Gift Shop opened a new Yankee Candle Company store in Florida.

Yankee Candle is probably one of the most popular brands for home decorating scent candles. The people who run the Boone Docks Gift Shop in Sebastian, Florida have opened a new store that promises honesty and quality.

When I first walked into their store, I was amazed how different it was. The people are very helpful. The store is decorated in wood furnishings and scents. To give you a personal idea, even the baseboards around the store are made in solid wood, antiques are used for displays, and I couldn’t help but to notice a few original candle hutches that they made. There is also a sitting area which is antique with couch, chairs, and coffee table. There were other customers using the designated area to test candles and scents.

With walls filled with Housewarmer Jars, Tea Lights, Votive Samplers and Tarts, I had a difficult time trying to make up my mind on which candle I wanted. The staff was very helpful on my decision. The first question asked was, “What kind of room is it?”, asked Kelly Boone, the co-founder in Boone Docks Gift Shop. I wanted an evening candle, perhaps one that decorated my living room with tea but not floral. That’s when they showed me the Yankee Candle Tea & Honey Housewarmer Jar. The scent is awe-inspiring and the housewarmer jar burns for about 150 hours. I lit the candle last night for a few hours.

Not only did I wake up this morning with the fresh smell of Tea & Honey, I also returned home to find the scent still there. My living area is very refreshing.

Boone Docks Gift Shop also has online ordering which is fast. They offer free shipping on orders over $49. All orders done by 2pm ET will ship the same day. I placed an order this afternoon, and they got back with me on a time shipped and an approximate time of arrival. Not only that, but I can use my email address on their site to view the status of the tracking order. Very impressive!

Boone Docks Gift Shop is located at 1110 US Highway One in Sebastian, Florida. If you like candles, this is one store to visit. Or, you can order from their website by going to: http://www.boonedocksgiftshop.com. Highly recommended!

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