​$1,000 Tip Surprises Server At The Ginger Man

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Dec. 26, 2015

A server gets a $1,000 tip on a $114 check at The Ginger Man restaurant. Michael Shafts, who received the tip, was having a typical night at work until a generous man walked in to celebrate his 47th birthday.

According to Ginger Man manager Julie Byron, at the man’s wife approached Shafts and said something to the effect of, “Something insane is about to happen to you, just take it and do something good.”

“While Ginger Man servers have on occasion been given 100 percent tips, the gratuity Shafts received is by far the largest, both in dollars and as a percentage, ever left at the restaurant,” the Times Union reports. “Shafts, who had never served the couple before Wednesday, said he had difficulty concentrating on work for the remainder of the evening, but he finished his shift,” the site said about the $1,000 tip.

Byron says the party left the restaurant and got into a limo. When she returned, Shafts approached her with the credit card slip — on which the customer filled in a $1,000 tip with a note: “Pay it forward. My birthday present to me!”

Shafts says he couldn’t have given the table better service even if he’d known there was a $1,000 tip coming. “He brought a very good 47-year-old bottle of wine with him, and I handled it well, but I always try to give excellent service and to be a little different. I look young, so maybe people don’t expect it, but I always try to give the best service to all of my customers.”

What happens after you get a $1,000 tip at Ginger Man? Shafts went back to work.

“I saw him waiting on other tables — it was like, 7 pm.” says Byron. “And I said, ‘Michael, I can’t believe you’re not walking out the door.’ And he was like, ‘Julie, I would never do that to you!’ He played it cool and continued to give great service to the rest of his tables. Then he went home and was tetxing me at 11 pm saying, ‘I can’t believe it!'”

“He’s a very hardworking young man. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer person!”

The $1,000 tip from Ginger Man has already started paying off for Shafts. “I shared the tip with the the other workers in the front and the back of the house,” he says. I know where he works, and I plan to go visit him and thank him personally.” An end to a typical night and a big tip.

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