19 Kids Found Laying In Teacher’s Hatchback

By: | 11/02/2021 09:51 PM ET

19 kids in a hatchback car? It seems the hatchback was used by a school teacher in South Africa to stuff the 19 kids in her car to take the class on a field trip. The teacher Melanie Minnie, who worked at the Rietfontein nursery school, was able to place 3 kids in her passenger seat while 10 kids were crammed into the backseat, and another 6 were placed in the back area of her Renault Clio.

Their destination was a local burger shop, at a nearby shopping center, for lunch. Nico van Heerden was able to capture a photo of the vehicle after Minnie had the students all packed in.

“They were excited at first but after a while they started to get a more worried and cried,” Heerden told The Sun.

Police were notified by a unidentified person at the shopping center after they witnessed Minnie unload 12 of the children from the hatchback vehicle. She was later stopped by police with the 19 students inside the vehicle. de.

According to the New York Daily News, Minnie told a local paper that she was “startled” when she was pulled over. Adding, It was “the first time we went on an outing. And the last time.”

Police ticketed and fined her 1500 rand which is near the equivalent of $172.00 in American currency, for the incident.

Police spokeswoman Charmaine Louwrens told the Daily Mail that the fine was for, “having more people in a car than it was designed to carry.”

It was also reported that there were actually 31 students in Minnie’s class and that she had already transported 12 of them, before making a second run with the 19. The nursery school has yet to report if they have taken any disciplinary action against her.

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