​1985 Message In A Bottle: Jonathan Seeks Mary, 28 Years Later​​

By: | 04/19/2013 09:40 AM ET

A message from 1985 was found in a bottle in Croatia, some twenty-eight years after the author penned the words. The message was written to a woman named Mary, was authored by a man named Jonathan, with hope that their communication would continue.

1985 Message In A Bottle

“Mary, you really are a great person. I hope we can keep in correspondence. I said I would write. Your friend always, Jonathon, Nova Scotia, 1985,” said the translated message.

Surfers spotted the bottle, which had broken on the shore, while cleaning debris from a beach at the Neretva River in the southern Adriatic.

A 23-year-old local surfer, who gave her name as Matea, was the one who spotted the bottle. She nearly threw it away until she realized there was a message inside.

Originating in the eastern Canadian province of Nova Scotia, the bottle apparently traveled over 4,000 miles before coming to a rest. Over its nearly three-decade journey, the message would have floated across the Atlantic Ocean, through the Strait of Gibraltar, around the Mediterranean Sea and into the Adriatic Sea.

News and social media sites are already actively trying to connect the message to its recipient.