​3 Stole Church Service Orthodox: 3 Bar Patrons Steal Church Money For Tab

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Apr, 12, 2015 | 6:13 PM

3 men stole Church service money at a Russian Orthodox congregation in Vienna, but they were stopped and thrown out by the priest. The men were intoxicated and told Austrian police that they needed money for their bar tab, according to The Inquisitr. One witness said most of the congregation stopped them from leaving.

“The 3 guys were drunk and stole from the Church during a service, but then the Orthodox priest kicked them out. That’s when a few of us gathered outside and held them until police arrived.”

Police said the men first tried to make off with a collection box from the building Saturday night, but were stopped and asked to leave. Hours later, the 3 stole money during the Orthodox church service.

The men actually walked up to the alter and broke open the collection box and took about $95 in cash during the service. Then they shared our the money before attempting to leave, according to Examiner.

“The thieves walked up like they owned the place. I thought they were going up to pray on the alter. We heard a loud crash as they broke open the collection box. I thought to myself ‘this can’t be happened.’ That’s when the priest kicked them out and one of us called for police.”

Police said that they had to separate several people from the men so that they could make an arrest. They said the crowd belonged to an “enraged congregation” who were still upset over the theft.

Most people attend Church to donate money, but it was obvious that these men needed more funds after a night at the bar.

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