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5-Year-Old Daughter At Tanning Salon With New Jersey Mom

05/02/2021 02:45 PM ET

A New Jersey mother was arrested after bringing her 5-year-old daughter to a tanning salon were she received a sunburn from a tanning bed.

The girl went to school afterwards and reported the burns to a teacher, which led to an investigation.

“The little girl went to school and reported she had these burns and that caused the school to contact authorities,” Katherine Carter, spokesperson for the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office, told ABCNews.com.

Not only does 44-year-old Patricia Krentcil face child endangerment charges, the unnamed tanning salon could face repercussions from the girl being placed into one of the booths.

State law prohibits anyone under the age of 14 from entering a tanning booth, and those teenagers over 14 need parental consent.

The police report indicated that the girl was complaining of “severe pain from the burn.”

Krentcil however, claims that she did not let her daughter in, and when she did without her knowledge, she only stood in the room were the bed was on.

“I never once in my life would let my daughter, especially at that age, go into a tanning booth,” Krentcil said to Good Morning America.

The unnamed tanning salon is also claiming that they were not aware that the girl had made her way into tanning both were her mother was tanning. The matter is still under investigation while Krentcil was released after posting $25,000 in bail.

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