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7k Strip Club Bill Revealed During Missouri Athletic Audit

By: , NewsOXY Reporter
10/25/2012 05:05 PM ET

A recent audit of the University of Missouri athletic department revealed that one employee racked up over 7k on one strip club bill, which was paid for by a school issued credit card, and has put the school under scrutiny for their employee’s spending of school funds.

Michael Schumacher, the employee, works for the Missouri athletic department as the director of video operations. Schumacher apparently used the card to rack up the over 7k strip club bill during a visit to Las Vegas in May of 2011.

The total of $7,605.50, which included a $2,000 tip, was charged by the Olympic Garden club in Vegas. On Tuesday Chad Moller, spokesman for the athletic department, announced that Schumacher had repaid the school for the charges. Moller added that the strip club charge also led to “responsive and appropriate disciplinary action,” but he did not elaborate.

PricewaterhouseCoopers performed the routine audit of the school finances back on August 14th, which has led to the school clamping down on the use of school issued credit cards after, aside from the 7k strip club bill, other erroneous charges were found by other school employees.

One charge that was nearly $3,000 at an Austin, Texas steakhouse was made by the school’s former men’s basketball director of operations Jeff Daniels. Daniels had the Vince Young Steakhouse, make two charges of $1,489.54 in January of 2011, since the cards one-time charge limit was $2,500.

Moller had explained that the steakhouse charge was for 30 players and coaches who had eaten at the restaurant. The audit included a total of 85 personal purchases made on school credit cards, most of which were smaller than the strip club and steakhouse.

The spokesman said that all personal charges made by employees were repaid to the school.

“We’re very happy with the results of the audit. Keep in mind that during the time period of the review, athletics had close to 14,000 (purchasing) card purchases. (The flagged charges) represents a very small percentage.”

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