​Aberdeen 15-Pound Baby: Woman Delivers 15-Pound Baby In Washington Hospital

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December 11, 2021

An Aberdeen 15 pound baby is making news in Washington after the Birth Center at Grays Harbor Community Hospital couldn’t believe their eyes.

The average newborn baby weighs 7-1/2 pounds at birth, and even though Yessica Ortiz Delgado had birthed two children who were born well above the average, she didn’t expect her newest little guy to be quite so big, according to The Inquisitr. Barbara Connet, director of The Birth Center at Grays Harbor Community Hospital, delivers over 500 babies per year.

“We deliver babies of all sizes, but it is not every day that we deliver and care for a baby as large as Francisco.

Barbara Connet says that the Aberdeen 15 pound baby has been the talk of the town. The infant was born on December 2nd at 8:21 AM. Dr. Nicholas Hallak of the Grays Harbor Community Hospital Family Birth Center delivered the baby boy.

Dr. Nicholas Hallak was surprised at the size of Francisco Leon Ortiz after he was born. He is the youngest of three children and takes the record in the family for the largest birth weight. Yessica Ortiz Delgado has two other two children who were around 12 pounds each at birth.

The new mother of the Aberdeen 15 pound baby explained that she had expected a large pregnancy, perhaps even close to the size of her other children, but she was surprised Francisco’s weight. The baby’s father, Francisco Leon Diaz, had to run out and buy new clothes for their son since the clothes they brought were for an average sized newborn.

Both mom and baby are doing well and Francisco is alert. The family will return to their home in Raymond very soon. Dr. Nicholas Hallak is still shaking his head in disbelief, according to Kitsap Sun.

You might say that a 15 pound baby is large, but it’s not the biggest. Can you imagine anything more than that? Well, imagine 19 pounds!

In 2011, a boy named Akbar was born in Indonesia at a record weight of 19.2 pounds. Akbar Risuddin was born to a diabetic mother in a 40-minute caesarean delivery that was complicated because of his unusual weight and size, Dr Binsar Sitanggang said. The father, Muhammad Hasanuddin, said he couldn’t believe how big his boy was.

“I’m very happy that my baby and his mother are in good health. I hope I can afford to feed the baby enough, because he needs more milk than other babies.”

Crowds pushed to get a peek of the extraordinary baby, who measured nearly 24 inches at the Abdul Manan hospital in the northern town of Kisaran on the island of Sumatra. The baby’s extreme weight was the result of excessive glucose from his mother during pregnancy, Dr. Sitanggang said.

As previously reported by NewsOXY, a a 15 pound baby was born in California earlier this year. Themother couldn’t believe her eyes or ears when she gave birth to a record-breaking Caesarean last week. Andrew Jacob Cervantez was 24 inches long when he was delivered to 28-year-old Vanessa Cervantez at Desert Valley Hospital, Victorville.

Now while you might say that the Aberdeen 15 pound baby is quite large, Yessica Ortiz Delgado said there are others, according to KWTX. Akbar was one weighing 19.2, but Guinness World Records cites the heaviest baby as being born in the U.S. in 1879, weighing 23.75 pounds. However, it died 11 hours after birth.

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