Alligator Found In Detroit After Being ‘Dumped’ Off As Trash

An alligator has been found in the city of Detroit after being dumped off as trash in an area where neighbors are used to people seeing garbage, but they noticed something that was 5 feet long and crawling around on the road.

“A black truck pulled up, they got out and I thought they was dumping a body,” said Shontez Gibson, who helped rescue the exotic animal. “So, I told my uncle. My uncle said, ‘Come on, let’s go see.’ My uncle chased the truck up the street and they stopped, so my uncle ran back. And when we got back in the field I said, ‘No, it’s an alligator.’”

Gibson placed the alligator in its own room with a space heater to help warm it up. He said he fed it fish.

“So, he said, ‘Pick it up,’ I said, ‘No, you pick it up!” Gibson said. “He said, ‘Alright, come on, let’s take it in the house.’ I pick it up, take it in the house. He was scared and ran.”

Gibson called police on Friday and the Michigan Humane Society went to take the toothy animal off their hands.

“I had to do something. Nobody else was going to do it,” said Gibson.

The alligator has a new home at the Michigan Humane Society in Rochester Hills which has facilities to handle exotic animals.

In May, an alligator was discovered near the Bass Ponds within the Minnesota Valley Wildlife Refuge, surprising nature lovers with a different kind of exotic sight.

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