​Angler 809-Pound Catch Shark: Fisherman Struggles 8 Hours With Shark Catch

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August 7, 2021

A Texas angler celebrates his 809-pound catch hooked to a tiger shark just a few miles off the coast of Port Aransas.

According to the Associated Press, the angler never expected to hook a 809 pound catch as a shark and it took him eight hours during the struggle. Ryan Spring said reeling him in was difficult. At the most, he was expecting to hook a hammer head. It was a long exhausting night, to say the least.

Spring had gone fishing with his father and his friends out in Port Aransas in what appeared to be a typical day. That was until the 12 foot 7 inch tiger shark took the bait. Spring told the San Antonio Express-News:

“After five hours of fighting it, I finally saw it for the first time … I was surprised it was a tiger shark, I thought it was a hammerhead.”

The angler struggled with the 809-pound tiger shark catch took the bait Saturday night at around 8:30. The tiger shark was so heavy he was even moving their boat around in the water. After a long exhausting night they finally reeled him in early Sunday morning.

According to Examiner, the tiger shark catch isn’t the largest, but “the world record is 1,785 pounds caught in 2004 off the coast of Australia.”

Spring’s catch did not beat the state record for tiger shark, which is 1,129 pounds caught in 1992 by Chap Cain, according to the Texas Parks and Wildlife. The world record is 1,785 pounds caught in 2004 off the coast of Australia, according to the International Game Fish Association.

Spring told KZTV he drives to Port Aransas to fish twice a year and that he’s already working with someone to donate the meat from the fish to charity.

The angler was still celebrating his 809-pound catch by taking pictures with the tiger shark. There’s no doubt that this is a catch of a lifetime. Local residents stopped by to see Spring’s trophy, but couldn’t believe that a fish that size was actually swimming off the coast.