​Arkansas Billboard: White Sign Creates Stir Among Harrison Residents

Arkansas Billboard
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January 2, 2021

An Arkansas billboard advertising a new radio station for the Ku Klux Klan is upsetting residents. The incendiary group claims its message of “White Pride” is not racist, according to the Daily Mail. The billboard features an image of an adolescent white girl holding a puppy with a message.

“It’s not racist to (love) your people.”

The billboard appeared this week and was paid for by the Ku Klux Klan to promote its new radio station. Some residents in Harrison, Arkansas aren’t fooled by the message and have asked the property owner who owns the billboard to remove it. The billboard has prompted outrage, and one person from the community says the sign suggests racism.

“It has racism written all over it. These people have a history of segregation.”

The Arkansas billboard advertises the radio station and the web address on where people can find it. It then has the slogan, “Love lives here,” according to the Inquisitr. So, how long will the sign be up?

Thom Robb, national director of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in Arkansas, said that the group’s lease on the advertisement would be good for a year. Robb said they will probably renew the lease at the end of 2015. But locals don’t want it.

KKK Radio is an Internet radio station in Arkansas that airs programs including, “This is the Klan,” “The White Side” and “White Women’s Perspective.” The station also airs Christian programming and classic radio shows like “The Lone Ranger” and “Amos ‘n’ Andy.” The Klan is considered a hate group by many.

While the KKK says the Arkansas billboard does not promote hate, many people link the group to a burning cross, which is a symbol of intimidation. However, these crosses were never used in the first group in the early 1800s. Additionally, the cross was henceforth a representation of the Klan’s Christian message. Thus, its lighting during meetings was often accompanied by prayer, the singing of hymns, and other overtly religious symbolism

As previously reported by NewsOXY, the group is famous for upsetting residents, even though this incident is about the Arkansas billboard. Several students wore KKK hoods at a high school hockey game in support of the group. Fans at high school hockey game wear KKK gear and hoods during game tournament. An investigation determined that the students put on the attire just after the first goal, but the teens removed the outfits after students in the section told them it was offensive.

The Arkansas billboard has also prompted reaction from a local website. The website suggests that the county might want to think twice about removing the billboard, notes FOX News. It read: “Sometimes it is better to remain quiet and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

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