Bacon Secret Milkshake Served From “Jack In The Box”

Bacon Secret Milkshake

A bacon milkshake will be secretly on sale for a very limited time at one fast food chain.

“Jack in the Box” says that the shake will not appear on any menus and will be in limited quantity at its 2200 locations across 19 states, in order to promote its “Marry Bacon” campaign.

A rep for Jack in the Box stated to the Huffington Post, “The shake is not listed on our menus in the restaurants, so it’s more of a ‘secret item’ that people can order. Each restaurant is getting a very limited quantity, so we don’t know how long they will last.”

There will be two sizes available, an 18oz and a 24oz. The larger version will contain 1081 calories and 54 grams of fat.

Restaurant chain Denny’s had also ran a similar bacon promotion when they had a ice-cream sundae with a crumbled bacon topping. There are no actual bacon pieces in the Jack in the Box shake. They will be using a specially flavored bacon syrup to add to the shake.

The Jack in the Box “Marry Bacon” promotion will include a BLT cheeseburger meal for $4.99 during a limited time. The new ad campaign’s slogan is “If you like bacon so much why don’t you marry it?”

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