​Bear Cub Wanders Into Alaskan Grocery Store​​

October 22, 2021

Bear Cub Grocery Store - A bear cub wanders into a grocery store in Alaska and heads for the produce section. He walked through the front door of Tatsuda’s IGA, a locally owned food storet in Ketchikan, a small town in the southern part of Alaska late on Saturday afternoon.

He then climbed up into the produce shelving and helped himself to fresh fruits and vegetables. Shoppers crowded around with mobile phones to take pictures of the animal as it clambered across the displays. When the police arrived on the scene, they seemed unsure about what to do.

A local shopper decided to help them out by grabbing the cub by the scruff of the neck before taking it outside and releasing it. It was a dangerous move, but the animal didn’t seem to mind. He was still chewing on lettuce and other produce that was snagged from the display.

The bear was under size for this time of the year and may have been hungry. They also reported that the mother wasn’t spotted during the incident and it’s unclear if the cub was orphan. As of Monday afternoon, according to the report, it had not been seen again.

The store’s co-owner, Katherine Tatsuda, said that they were forced to throw away thousands of dollars worth of fruit and produce before sanitizing the case and replacing the food.