​Bear In Milk Can Tranquilized, Rescued By Wildlife Officers

Bear In Milk Can
Author: Michael StevensBy:
Staff Reporter
Nov. 18, 2015

Even bears have bad days. That’s what happened after a bear was stuck in a milk can in Frederick County, Md. on Monday, according to Patch.

The black bear was eventually rescued after it got its head stuck in the milk can. A picture showed the animal trying to free its head without success.

Bear stuck in milk can as homeowner calls Wildlife officials

Bear stuck in milk can as homeowner calls Wildlife officials

A homeowner near Cunningham Falls State Park called wildlife officials early Monday morning to report that a bear was on his property with a milk jug stuck on its head. Wildlife officers were dispatched and arrived on the scene, reports Gawker.

The incident took the officers by surprise, perhaps a little laughter with the homeowner, but they got right to work.

The first thing they did was tranquilize the male bear, which weighed between 175 and 200 pounds. They then used a small saw on the milk can and their hands to pull the milk can off, according to Patricia Allen, a spokeswoman from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

Wildlife officials then tweeted a photo after the bear was tranquilized, Allen said. “It was calm and relaxed,” she said. By tranquilizing the bear, she said, that made it “much easier and much safer.”

The bear was unharmed, officials said, and they watched it go on its way back to nearby woods.

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