Best Buy Employee Outs Customer As Gay Man


The world of online social media is getting crazy again after a Best Buy employee used a customer’s old cellphone, one that was exchanged for a new one, to write messages that would out him as a gay man.

Rich Dewberry says that a Best Buy employee used his smartphone to log into his Facebook account to allege he was gay

Rich Dewberry says the employee used his old smartphone to gain access to his account and posted a message that read, “I am gay. I’m coming out.”

Dewberry said he realized what happened when he started getting several calls from friends and an ex-wife questioning him on the post.

Dewberry says his mistake was not logging out of Facebook before turning his old phone in, and that the employee posted the message before his new one was activated. He says that he made a complaint to the Best Buy store and that the management claims to have fired the employee.

“It just put a bad taste in mouth,” Rich Dewberry told ABC affiliate KMGH.

A company representative confirmed to the news station that the worker was fired for not following its code of ethics training on how to handle customer’s private information.

Dewberry has now hired a lawyer to see if there is any legal action he can take against the store.

“The real problem with Best Buy is they didn’t seem to have any procedures or safeguards to make sure this doesn’t happen. I have all sorts of information on my cell phone. For Best Buy not to have procedures to protect their customers’ privacy, that is a problem,” Dewberry’s attorney Linda Lee said.

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