​Big Rig Miller High Life Stolen From Tearful Beer Truck Driver

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Oct, 23, 2014 | 8:53 AM

A big rig Miller High Life was stolen Tuesday from an Orange County truck stop in Orlando, Florida.

The stolen truck caused the driver to break down in tears while talking about the missing beer, according to Examiner. The victim’s big rig and at least one other were robbed Monday. Van Thomas was trying to live the American dream.

“I don’t mean to cry about it but I’m just trying to do the best I can and make a better life … It’s just so devastating to me.”

Thomas recently bought a semi-truck just three weeks ago and created his own company. He was traveling from Texas to Pompano Beach and was on his last stop before making a large delivery in Orlando. But when he left his truck and the 44,000 pounds of beer, it was gone when he returned, according to the Palm Beach Post.

Just how does a big rig, carrying that much Miller High Life beer, suddenly go missing? It’s a huge truck, so the Florida State Patrol were cruising up and down the highways looking for the stolen goods. They started with Interstate 4, then to I-95 north and south.

The big rig Miller High Life was stolen with 9,700 four-packs. With so much beer, people wonder how the robbers made off with such a large amount of goods. Some speculate that it may have been another truck driver.

Thomas would have made about $1,300 off of the delivery. But the thieves took more than his beer and his paycheck, he said.

“Everything I own is in that truck … That’s where I live out … I don’t even have no money to catch the bus home with.”

Just when he felt homeless, detectives called his phone (at least he was carrying that). The truck was found, but detectives are still looking for the suspects.

While the big rig Miller High Life was stolen, Thomas learned that his truck was found in Miami. It still had most of the beer packed, the Orlando Sentinel notes. His emotional interview turned with cheers and laughter.

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