Bigfoot Sighting Video Ohio 2012 Sparks ‘Hoax’ Debate Over Video

Bigfoot Sighting Video Ohio 2012 Sparks ‘Hoax’ Debate Over Video

Bigfoot just might exist after a recent sighting was caught on video in Ohio 2012, but it has sparked debate on whether the footage is genuine or a hoax. Native American Indians named it Sasquatch and sometimes referred to it as “big brother.”

The footage was shot from a motorized bike or scooter while it was traveling down a path in the woods, but then suddenly it reveals a large, dark, hairy creature running across the path, causing the driver to make a sharp U-turn to leave the area.

It hasn’t been revealed if the biker was male or female, but the video gives the impression that he or she was startled at the sight of the creature, causing them to crash into some bushes. The person then turned the bike around and went back in the direction they came from.

Our staff reviewed the footage and found it interesting that the elbows seem to resemble a human. For example, the elbows seem too short based on previous photos and footage of Bigfoot. We have come to the conclusion that it’s someone in a costume who wanted to pull a prank on the person driving the motorized vehicle.

Even so, many people believe that it’s authentic. Here are some of the comments:

“I think as it’s normally them doing loud noises to startle humans, this time it got frightened by the noise of the bike and ran right across the path in a panic! I’d turn around and go in the opposite direction too!”

“What I find amazing is the reaction of the person riding the bike. It’s a clear indication he/she was really startled because they basically crashed into the bushes. Why would you react like that it it’s a fake?”

However, it seems other sightings have popped up in Ohio before. According to 10TV News, there have been dozens of reports in 2012 of footprints found.

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