​Bison Attack Teaches ‘Rock Thrower’ A Lesson​​

A provoked Bison in Utah’s Antelope Island State Park attacked a man over the weekend who was throwing rocks at it.

Bison Attack

The taunting individual was rammed into a fence by the American buffalo and shockingly survived without a single scratch.

“This person is very, very, very lucky that he wasn’t killed,” assistant park manager John Sullivan told KSL.com.

He was not given a citation for provoking the animal, estimated to weigh a hefty 1,500 pounds. The park manager said that the man suffered enough embarrassment from the bison attack that occurred last weekend at the annual Antelope Island Buffalo Run.

Witness Wayne Ebenroth, who was there supporting his wife stated, “The [bison] had gone through the gate section that’s located real close to where he got hit and looked like he was going to run off the field … He had to have done something to catch the [bison's] attention, because that’s when he turned around and decided to pay him a visit. [The bison] just was not comfortable with how close he was hanging out with him.”