​Bodybuilder Injections Arms: Romario Dos Santos Mixes Toxic Cocktail To Bulk Up Arms

Author: John LesterBy:
Staff Reporter
May. 7, 2015

A Bodybuilder injections to his arms was part of a obsession to make his arms big, but little did he know it nearly costed him the very limbs that attracted so much attention, according to The Inquisitr. Romario Dos Santos, 25, pumped up his arms by injecting a toxic cocktail of alcohol, oil, and painkillers into his biceps.

“The solution did work in making my arms huge, but it wasn’t real muscle,” Santos said. “I remember the doctor told me that they would need to amputate both arms. They said everything in there, all my muscles, were rock. I couldn’t even inject my arms - they were full of rocks,” Santos added.

The synthol, the toxic cocktail of alcohol, oil, and painkillers into his biceps, made his muscles balloon to ridiculous proportions. Romario said people were afraid of his unusual and beastly appearance.

Doctors soon informed the bodybuilder that his muscles were destroyed, and they had turned to a rock-like substance from the injections. The cells in his arm had died, he was literally decomposing from the inside. Despite the grave warnings, the Santo’ addiction to become The Hulk increased.

The bodybuilder injections to his arms made them solid as he started using syringes made for bulls so he could inject the oil. Romario was in constant pain while using the injections and he almost suffered kidney failure due to the toxic cocktail of alcohol, oil, and painkillers into his biceps. Romario then suffered a depression and even attempted to kill himself.

Santos said it all started when he lost his job after his suicide attempt. One day his wife came into the room crying and threatened to leave him if he didn’t get help with his arms, according to Star Pulse. That’s when Romario realized he needed to take care of his addiction.

Santos eventually checked himself into the hospital. Doctors did a CAT scan and thankfully they revealed that they would not have to amputate. It was a sigh of relief since the bodybuilder injections to his arms were causing him so many problems.

“Thank God the doctor told me that they did not have to amputate - they could instead remove the synthol rocks which had formed in my arms,” Romario Dos Santos stated.

However, this bodybuilder still hadn’t defeated his addiction because he purchased a horse hormone called “estigor” just two weeks ago.

“I put the needle in my chest and sucked in the air to see if I got a vein but nothing came out. I froze and started to sweat.” Thankfully Romario Dos Santos fought the temptation and discontinued the injections.

“I regret it a lot - my ambition is still to become a bodybuilder but I’ve got a long way to go. I know I will achieve it though,” said Santos.

The bodybuilder injections to his arms was an easy way for him to bulk, but has learned from his mistakes, notes Examiner. Romario still has dreams of becoming a professional bodybuilder, but is committed to staying clean. Professional trainers say anyone with enough patience can build muscle by eating a high-protein diet with plenty of vegetables.

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