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Rare Occurrence Of Bullied Dolphin Left By Itself

05/01/2021 06:37 PM ET

A lone bottle nose dolphin has been observed to be swimming in a wetlands area of the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve in Huntington Beach, California for the last 5 days, with some experts thinking it may have been bullied into not being able to go out to a connecting harbor by other dolphins.

Peter Wallerstein, director of Marine Animal Rescue tells the Register, after trying to lead the dolphin out of the reserve this past weekend, that though it may be a rare occurrence in the highly social species, he was bullied by others in his pod to stay put.

“He was scared, he was intimidated, he was bullied,” Wallerstein told the Los Angeles Times. Dolphins “can be very aggressive toward each other. They’re not the sweet, loving, gentle animals portrayed by the movies and the cartoons. They do have a dark side.”

Wallerstein explained that while two wildlife officers attempted to force to dolphin back into the harbor, two other dolphins emerged and the bullied one immediately swam back passed the paddle boarders back into the wetlands.

For now the wildlife experts say the plan is to observe the dolphin and leave it be, while he seems to be feeding on fish in the preserve, and the monitoring of his heart rate is normal.

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