Burglar Calls 911 On His Self

By: | 12/07/2021 12:29 PM ET

After allegedly breaking into a home, a burglar calls 911 on his self when the homeowner holds him at gunpoint.

In the early-morning hours of Tuesday, suspected burglar Christopher Moore was left with no choice but to call 911 after his botched break-in of James Gerow’s home in Springtown, Texas.

As Moore sat in his pick-up truck parked in Gerow’s driveway, he dialed 911 to say that a someone was pointing a gun at him. That someone turned out to be Gerow’s son.

“I’m out in the country somewhere,” Moore told the 911 operator during the 10-minute call. “Some guy’s got a gun on me.”

At the same time, Moore made his call, Gerow’s wife, Lindy was making a call to 911 about the break-in.

“You better come quick,” she said, “or my husband’s going to shoot him.”

“If he gets out of the truck, shoot him in the legs,” James Gerow told his son, according to the Dallas Morning News Crime Blog. “You ain’t gotta kill him-just shoot him in the legs.”

According to the 41-year-old Gerow, he and his wife were a sleep in bed when he heard a pop at the door. He and his wife then awoke to find Moore standing in their bedroom.

“I pointed the gun at him and asked him who he is and what the hell he was doing in my house,” Gerow said, according to FoxNews. “He said his name was Lance, and I said, ‘Lance, what the hell are you doing in my house?’”

Moore threw his keys at Moore and then ran to his vehicle were Gerow handed the gun over to his son to hold the burglar, while he waited for the police to arrive.

According to CBS’ Dallas-Fort Worth affiliate, Moore was arrested and charged with burglary. He’s currently being held on a $35,000 bond.

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