​Car Tire In Windshield Described As ‘Freak Accident’ On Busy Highway Outside Seattle

Car Tire In Windshield
Author: Michael StevensBy:
Staff Reporter
Mar. 4, 2016

A car tire in a windshield is being described by police as a “freak accident.” The tire belonged to a tractor-trailer that smashed through a sedan on a highway outside Seattle Tuesday — just 10 minutes after the new owners drove the car off the lot.

Still, the owners are calling it a miracle they weren’t killed. “It was like God came down and just smacked the tire out of the way just in time,” Jeremy Deiter said.

He said his head hit the dashboard as the car tire smashed the windshield, and his fiancée, Aimee Blanton, has cuts on her hands, but they both survived.

State troopers tell Q13 Fox they’re not holding the truck driver responsible. They said the tire may not have been mounted properly on the semi.

“I saw his tire start to wobble and it spun, it was coming straight at me,” Blanton recalled.

The damage of the car tire in the windshield estimate tops $4,000, more than the 1999 Honda Civic’s value, KOMO adds. The owners say they’re not sure their insurance will cover it.

“It was for her to go to work and now it’s totaled; now we have nothing,” Deiter added. A GoFundMe page is raising money to help the couple.

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