​Casey Anthony’s Belongings Appear On Mystery Website​​

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January 14, 2021

Casey Anthony belongings are being sold at an online auction site. On Jan. 14, the Examiner reported that Anthony’s belongings included a pair of jeans by the same mother accused of killing her daughter, two-year-old Caylee in 2008, which she was ultimately acquitted.

The website is called serialkillersink.net, which has several items by the alleged killer for $800 apiece. Each item has been “certified as authentic.” There are a number of purses and other clothing originally purchased at a garage sale.

It seems as though most of Casey Anthony belongings were bought when her parents organized a huge garage sale. Much to the shock of an entire nation, they also sold items once worn by Caylee, their 2-year-old slain granddaughter, of whose murder her mother was accused and, after a long, highly mediated, and even more highly controversial trial, acquitted, even though the judge said they had evidence to convict Casey Anthony.

However, the murderabilia site doesn’t list Caylee’s stuff, even though founder Eric Holler makes it clear that he is in the possession of those items as well. He thought it would be in very poor taste if he sold off the girl’s clothes too.

The listing includes 7 pairs of pants and several handbags, all of which are labeled as Casey Anthony belongings, before she was accused of killing her child and then sending the police on a wild goose chase by lying to them repeatedly.

With the former mother in hiding after she was sprung from jail, her parents sold her stuff. The items now online were purchased by a woman who, after the fact, felt bad for showing any kind of support to the alleged killer by buying them off her parents. She sold them to Holler and he’s clearly not feeling any pangs of remorse for using them to boost his already lucrative business.

“I’m catering to supply and demand. Of course I’m trying to profit, I’m running a business here. I’m not in the business of losing money,” he says.

His site also sells murderabilia from Charles Manson, David Berkowitz, and John Wayne Gacy. The Casey Anthony belongings are the latest addition to his impressive collection, and he’s not apologetic about it.

“I’m in this business to make a profit, like any other entrepreneur. I know there is a demand for items I sell,” he stresses.

It’s only a mystery on why people want to buy these items.