​Children Sue For Bad Mothering and Birthday Card​​

September 27, 2021

Two children, now adults, are suing one of their parents for what they call is “bad mothering,” alleging that one parent didn’t buy her toys and how the other received a birthday card he didn’t like.

The children were raised in a $1.5 million home in Barrington Hills, Ill., home by their father. However, they are suing the mother as one child alleges, because they allege, she was a bad parent. It’s a unique case that’s filled with a lot of allegations and finger pointing.

Stevie Miner, 23 and his sister Kathryn, 20, cited other offenses committed by the mother named in the suit are, failing to take her daughter to a car show, telling her then 7-year-old son to buckle his seat belt, or she would contact police. In fact, they blame one parent for calling her daughter at midnight to ask that she return home from celebrating homecoming. They were also upset over not receiving care packages while attending college.

Last week, after two years of the children pursuing the suit, an Illinois appeals court dismissed the case. They found that none of the mother’s conduct was “extreme or outrageous.” To rule in favor of her children, the court found, “could potentially open the floodgates to subject family childrearing to … judicial scrutiny and interference.”

The birthday card that the children received was part of evidence in the “bad mothering” case showed a picture of tomatoes spread across a table. They are indistinguishable except for one in the middle with craft-store googly eyes attached. Inside it read: “Son I got you this Birthday card because it’s just like you … different from all the rest!” the card reads.