Christ Apparition Landslide: Landowners Forcing Visitors Pay To See Christ Apparition In Colombia

Christ Apparition Landslide

A Christ apparition landslide has prompted hundreds of believers to gather near a hillside in Colombia. The discovery was made in the San Francisco area of Putumayo, Colombia, on Saturday, according to Daily Mail.

Police have had to be called in to control the crowds as believers from across the country have descended on the hill to witness the miracle. And local landowners are cashing in by charging visitors to view the holy image.

“If you believe in Jesus, you will see your image.”

But not everyone was impressed with the Christ apparition landslide. One of those people who gathered near the hillside remained skeptical at what he saw.

“I just see a mountain of earth surrounded by trees.”

It certainly is not the first time that Jesus has turned up somewhere unexpected. The face of Christ has appeared on everything from Marmite lids, tacos and naan bread, to tree stumps and laundry.

In 2012, the son of God was discovered on a wall by a painter and decorator working on a house in Eldroth, near Austwick, North Yorkshire. Sam Dalby discovered the divine countenance on a roughly plastered section of wall.

A Christ apparition landslide is one thing, but many people have seen his face appearing in household items and even stains, according The Inquisitr.

Alex Cotton, 38, found an image of Jesus in a drainpipe at her home in Coventry, West Midlands which was dubbed “the Second plumbing.”

Bank worker Toby Elles claimed he was saved by divine intervention when he woke to find a burning frying pan on his cooker. On further inspection of his singed bacon snack he also found the face of the Son of God burnt to the bottom of the pan.

“They both thought it looked like the images of Jesus you see in paintings and on stained glass windows.”

In the U.S., Mary Jo Coady, a medical secretary from Massachusetts made a similar discovery burned on her iron while doing housework. The 44-year-old said the image immediately renewed her faith in God.

A Christ apparition landslide didn’t fool some believers, but imagine people at a bar. That’s what happened one night when drinkers at the Tanners Hall pub in Darlington, County Durham, were stunned to see Jesus in the foil top of a Bulmers cider bottle.

And mother-of-three Claire Allen, 36, found the Savior’s friendly features in the lid of a jar of Marmite which was smeared with the yeast-based spread.

“I opened the Marmite jar and the lid caught my eye. Immediately I thought, that’s Jesus,” she said of the image of Christ. “It wasn’t a new jar, but I’d never noticed that before.”

Claire showed the lid to her older boys Jamie, 14, and Tomas, 11.

“They both thought it looked like the images of Jesus you see in paintings and on stained glass windows,” she said.

Sarah Crane, from Orpington, was stunned when she hung her laundry out to dry and discovered the face of Jesus staring back at her from a crumpled sock. Sarah was so impressed by the clarity of the face she even built a shrine to the holy image.

“I’d left the washing out to dry overnight – and it had probably been sitting there a bit too long when I noticed the face in the sock … I called my boyfriend over straight away – we could both clearly see the face of Jesus in the sock. There is a straight-on face, and a side profile too – we couldn’t believe it … We think it’s a bit of a sign – but for what we don’t know.”

A Christ apparition landslide looks like the same face of a man that appeared on a tree stump in a Belfast cemetery, notes News Max. The tree, which was felled at Belfast City Cemetery in west Belfast, appeared to show the face of a bearded man resembling Jesus on the remaining stump beside a grave.

While in Texas, a man found the holy image in the middle of breakfast and the revelation came in his bacon and egg taco. Ernesto Garza, 80, says he was busy munching away when he realised that Christ was staring back at him — his face visible in the burn marks of the tortilla.

“It’s a blessing from God.”

Garzo was hoping to keep the taco and eventually figure out how to preserve it so he can frame it to hang on his wall.

While in Russia, churchgoers have begun worshipping at a tree after claiming that religious icons with the faces of Jesus and the saints appeared on its trunk. The images began to appear on the birch tree in the village of Burmakino in central Russia’s Kirov Oblast last month in the places where gardeners had trimmed off old branches.

“We thought nothing of it until the tree started to form these arched shapes, just like church icons. Then the faces of Jesus and his disciples began to appear in them and we realised this really must be God’s work.”

Now whole congregations of people gather in front of the tree to pray and give thanks.

As previously reported by NewsOXY, some people are cashing in on the sightings by creating a Christ toaster that makes an image of Jesus on every single slice of bread. The retailer has since removed the item after he was criticized for making the toaster oven.

Do you believe in the Christ apparition landslide? How about the story of the man who saw Christ on this plate?

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