​Clifford Taylor Blames Victim: Man Blames 5-Year-Old For Child Sex Crime

​Clifford Taylor Blames Victim

Clifford Taylor blames victim after attempting to withdraw his guilty plea following a 22-year sentence to prison for raping a 5-year-old girl.

Taylor, 51, pleaded guilty Oct. 15 in Lake County Common Pleas Court to two counts of rape, according to the Examiner. At that time the research scientist admitted molesting his girlfriend’s daughter. On Nov. 12, he told Judge Eugene A. Lucci that Assistant County Public Defender James Mathews was coercing him into making the plea.

“I need to rescind the plea deal,” he told Judge Eugene A. Lucci. “I was not told the truth by my attorney. He threatened me. I was threatened with mental incompetence. He threatened me, saying there was some reason I wasn’t thinking properly.”

The incident occurred while he was baby-sitting the child between January 2012 and July 2013 at her Wickliffe home. Now, Clifford Taylor blames the victim, but the judge wasn’t buying it. Lucci explained that Mathews was simply trying to ask him if he thought a hearing to determine his mental status was necessary, rather than trick him into making a plea he didn’t want to make.

“You are represented by a very competent counsel … I consider him to be highly competent and specialized in the area of criminal law.”

Lucci then noted that he asked him “about 100″ questions at the change of plea hearing to make sure he made the plea knowingly and voluntarily, according to The Inquisitr. At the plea, Clifford Taylor said he encouraged the girl to perform sex acts on him by bribing her with a Pudding Pop when she was hungry. But now Taylor blames the victim because he said those things were never true.

“It’s not true! I was told to lie to you by the man sitting right next to me … I don’t even remember what I told you. But it wasn’t true. The lie was that I put my penis in her mouth for Pudding Pops. My penis did get in her mouth, but I didn’t put it in there. She put it in there. She grabbed me. She was experimenting. I was drunk and realized it too late.”

Several people in the standing-room only courtroom gasped at the claims and how Clifford Taylor blames the victim. Lucci then denied Taylor’s motion to withdraw his plea and then immediately sentenced him to two years more than what his attorney and Assistant County Prosecutor Patrick Condon had jointly recommended. Taylor said he is not a monster like everybody is making him out to be.

Condon told the judge that Clifford Taylor was the perpetrator, adding that the defendant “has no redeeming qualities.” Lucci agreed. Taylor was declared a sex offender for life.

“There was not a scintilla of remorse … Even in court he blamed the victim for taking his penis in her mouth as a form of experimentation. At the age of 5!”

His attorney requested he not have to represent Taylor at his appeal. The entire incident has attracted several groups to support the family and victim. It has shocked a community who only knew Taylor as a researcher. The Ohio man was known to be quiet and mostly kept to himself.

Twelve members of the Andover-based group Bikers Against Child Abuse attended the hearing to lend physical and emotional support for the victim and her family. The group’s president, who goes by the name Sniper, says they came to support the community. They were appalled when they heard how Clifford Taylor blames the victim.

“We were made aware of the case and we came to support the community … It is our ultimate responsibility as a community to protect children.”

The little girl later told her mother about the abuse, and she went to the police. The convict’s confession helped him avoid life in prison. He’ll serve 22 years behind bars and be labeled a sex offender for life instead.

Many people don’t agree with how the court handled this after he attempted to blame the child for making him suffer. Since he confessed to raping the child, he took a package deal that prevented him from spending the rest of his life in jail. He will now spend a limited time in jail of about 22 years, unless he’s released earlier for good behavior.

Hopefully, the child is getting help for her suffering after an adult in her care broke her trust. Unless she gets help now, she will probably be a victim for the rest of her life. Let’s hope she can recover so she can move on.

As Clifford Taylor blames the victim, most people in the courtroom couldn’t believe what they were hearing. Taylor said he was drunk, but the court decided that it was only an excuse for not stopping the 5-year-old, notes The Huffington Post. Some people actually left the courtroom over what the convict said.

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