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Couple Shot During Gun Safety Course

04/25/2012 04:32 PM ET

A Virginia couple that decided to take a gun safety class together, end up accidentally getting shot themselves and sent to the hospital.

Both Michael and Michelle Deel are doing fine after being treated for non life-threatening injuries, stemming from their incident in gun safety class on Saturday.

The Sheriff’s Office in Bedford County Virginia reports that Michael was handling a .45-calibur handgun when he accidentally shot himself through the hand. The report went on to say that the bullet then hit Michelle in the leg while she sat in a chair beside her husband.

The class was being conducted at the home of the instructor, Thomas Starke. Starke told police that incident occurred when he was not in the room, but he came running back in when he heard the shot..

Afterwards Mr. Deel could only simply say that the shooting was a “stupid accident.”

The first three things taught in firearm’s safety is to always treat a gun as if it is loaded even if you know it is not, always keep the muzzle pointed away from non-targets, and keep your finger away from the trigger when not pointed at a target. Three golden rules obviously that were broken by Mr. Deel’s.


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