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Deidra Reed Makes Bomb Threat Over $14 Electric Bill

04/27/2012 09:57 AM ET

An Oklahoma City woman named Deidra Reed is facing a felony charge after making a bomb threat to the Oklahoma Gas & Electric company for sending her a $14 bill.

After a QG&E employee agreed to testify that Reed made the threat, Redd claims she doesn’t remember saying she was going to blow-up the company when she called to complain about receiving a bill for electric she says she did not use.

“I remember flipping out, but I don’t really remember what was said,” Reed, while wearing a t-shirt that read “I (Heart) Haters,” told local TV affiliate News9.

The employee who received the call from Reed quotes her as to saying, “I am going to blow OG&E up ’cause y’all are charging me for electric I haven’t used.”

Reed then said that a detective investigating the incident told her that he heard the call and threat she denied making.

“The detective actually told me he heard [the call in question], so I can’t really argue with it if it’s me,” Reed told the station.

“I don’t have a criminal record,” Reed added. “I’m struggling to pay $40 a month for rent. How the hell am I [going] to buy some bomb equipment? I don’t have [the] know how to make a bomb.”

Though she possibly may be arrested on a felony charge, Reed made an apology to the electric company but said she still plans on protesting the $14 bill.


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