​Dog Looks Like Lion, Neighborhood Residents Flood 911 Lines​​

By: | 01/15/2013 10:07 AM ET
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A Labradoodle dog looks just like a lion when its fur is trimmed to look like the mascot of Old Dominion University, which sparked a lot of panic this week when residents in Norfolk, Virginia, began calling 911 and the local zoo after seeing it run through the area.

There were several reports given to police about a baby lion walking down the local streets, possibly looking for food, and probably dangerous as a result. The police called the local zoo to make sure all lions were accounted for. It seems all the animals were at the zoo, so what is this little creature running around town?

You’ll never guess. As it turns out, the lion was later identified as Charles, a cross of Labrador retriever and poodle shaved down to look like the mascot of Old Dominion University.

“He has a thousand-and-200-some friends on Facebook,” said owner Chris Painter.

Painter said police have told him several times that Charles had been mistaken for a lion. But in reality, Painter said, the dog loves children and tailgating at ODU football games, as well as the occasional slice at University Pizza.

Once it was established that no lion was roaming around town, the community got a good laugh. Charles is fast becoming a local celebrity.

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