A ‘Duct Tape Challenge’ that has gone viral online almost cost a Washington teen his life. Sarah Fish said her son took the challenge and is lucky to be alive when he fell and hit his head after a person wrapped him in tape and then timed to see how long it would take for him to escape, according to Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Skylar Fish, 14, fell and hit his head on concrete and a metal window frame while participating in the duct tape challenge. He shattered his eye socket and cheekbone during the duct tape incident and required 48 stitches to the head. He is unable to see out of one eye and the damage may be permanent.

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Duct Tape Challenge sends Skylar Fish to hospital

“If he would have hit on it differently, an inch over, he could have died,” Sarah said. “If his friend didn’t flip him over when he was having a seizure and choking up blood, he could have died.”

Skylar and his mother are now working to warn other families about the potential dangers of taking the ‘duct tape challenge’ on the internet. Skylar’s surgery was a success and he’s expected to be in the hospital for at least another week while recovering.

“I’m just, actually, really lucky to be alive,” Skylar said from his hospital bed at Harborview Medical Center, where he’s been recovering since the duct tape challenge on Jan. 16.

“When I think about it, it seems like I was hit by a car,” Fish explained. Fish doesn’t remember much from that day. He and two buddies had gone to Renton Academy on a Saturday, where they had duct taped his arms and legs.

“When he fell, he hit the corner of the window frame,” Skylar’s mom, Sarah Fish, said. “It crushed his whole eye socket and pinched off nerves in his eye.” Skyler Fish doesn’t know if he’ll ever get his vision back in that eye. His head also slammed into the concrete, causing a brain aneurysm.

“It was really scary, just seeing my son like this.” Sarah added. Skylar’s mother wants to warn others about the duct tape challenge. “I want people to stop and think that there are so many risks to any of these challenges,” she said. “They’re dangerous.”

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Skylar left for Seattle Children’s Hospital on Monday for the rest of his recovery. He said he wants something good to come out of this. “Teach other kids not to do it,” he explained about the Duct Tape Challenge. “When I think about it, I become sad and then really happy, because I’m happy, because I survived it. I almost died.”

Renton police looked into what happened. Sarah Fish said they’re closing the case, because it appears what happened was simply an accident.

Skylar said he and his friends had done the ‘Duct Tape Challenge’ before when they taped one another to a pole. But this time, they decided to tape up Fish while he was standing up.