​Elderly Limo Fire Becomes Manufacture Defect In Walnut Creek​​

June 10, 2021

Ten elderly women, mostly in their 90s, in Walnut Creek, Calif., barely escaped death after their limo caught fire after a night of drinking at a birthday party.

Elderly Limo Fire

Witnesses say that as their rented 2008 Lincoln town car sat idle in the street, it suddenly burst into flames.

Passenger Mary Chapman said she and a younger caretaker in the car hustled to help some of the older women escape the flames and smoke.

“We looked and there was white smoke coming from there,” Chapman told the station.

“The three of us that we thought were more able bodied, we got out first so we could help the other ladies, they were on walkers, they were on canes,” Chapman said.

None of the women were hurt and they later made it to the party, the station reported.

Claudus Oliveira, who owns the limo operator, TownCar SF, said the vehicle was only three years old and had passed inspection tests.

“It’s a manufacturer defect,” he told KGO-TV. I’m speechless, because this is a new car. You can see my tires, brand new tires, I keep great records of the cars.”

Last month, five women, including a newlywed bride, died after the limo they were riding in caught fire while crossing the San Mateo Bridge, some 40 minutes west of Walnut Creek.