Ghost Boots Photo: Skeptics Question Ghost Authenticity In Recent Girl Photo From Coastal Japan

A ghost boots photo taken in Japan has sent the Internet into a frenzy with speculation that it might be from a dead Samurai warrior. The father, 38-year-old Martin Springall, has no idea how the mystery pair of objects showed up in the picture, according to ABC News. The young girl, who the father wished not to be named, was standing near a rocky outcrop in the town of Zushi.

“I took a series of them,” Springall said of the photo. “It wasn’t until I was checking them later in the evening that I just happened to notice the boots behind her in that one shot.”

He said he was living and working in Tokyo, around an hour north, and wanted to send a photo “to my wife, who was at work,” when the ghost boots photo was sent.

“I showed my wife immediately. She was considerably more upset by it than I was, to be honest. I just kind of obsessed over that one photo for a couple of hours that evening and then tried to forget about it. I really don’t like dwelling on stuff like this, to be honest – it freaks me out.”

The ghosts boots photo has sparked considerable debate, with skeptics arguing whether the picture was modified, if there was a person standing behind the girl or if it was all a trick of the light, according to The Inquisitr.

Springall insisted there was “no one” else in the vicinity – and said it had not been Photoshopped, despite sceptics believing otherwise that the boots were somehow placed there.

“I certainly would have noticed someone standing behind her in one of the shots,” he said. She likely wouldn’t even have posed for the picture in that case, because she’s incredibly shy.”

Even so, some people question if the photo is real or not, but Springall doesn’t have an explanation for it.

“I have no idea what the boots are, where they come from or what they could represent. All I can tell you is that I totally get the cynicism … If I saw that online I would view it exactly the same way. I can assure you, though, that it was just the two of us in the area and the photo is 100% untouched.”

Spring said he showed his friend Brian Publicover, 38, the boots in the picture on a camping trip around a month later. Publicover, a Canadian, then posted it to Reddit under the username Obiaruf.

“We’re not saying it’s a ghost,” said Mr Publicover, who is working in Japan, where his friend was also living until a few months ago.

The ghost boots photo could be a reflection from the rocks. Some ghost hunters who reviewed the picture believe it is real, notes Examiner. Perhaps it is a lost warrior still wandering the beaches in Japan.