​Girl Turns In Parents For Growing Pot: Child Says Smoke Made Her ‘Sick’

​Girl Turns In Parents For Growing Pot

A 9-year-old girl turns in her parents for growing and smoking pot in her home. She told authorities that her parents were making her and her dogs sick from all the smoke. When police arrived, they found seven marijuana plants under the home.

The girl has since been moved to live with her grandparents. The child showed police where her parents were growing the pot under the home upon their arrival. According to court documents filed Monday in Clay County District Court, she reported it to the Barnesville police station on June 6. She spoke directly to an officer who took down her information and eventually got a search warrant.

The girl told police that her parents named some of the plants “Justice” and “Lily,” and that they not only smoked marijuana daily, but that they also had people over to buy it from them.

She also allegedly told police she had been taken into protective custody by Child Protective Services once before, when they lived in Cass County, N.D., because they had been using marijuana in front of her then.

The search warrant says several items related to a marijuana grow, plus seven immature plants, were seized from the parents’ home Monday.

The police are congratulating her for her confidence, and one officer said she was a “very brave, very smart, very articulate little girl.” Though her parents were obviously busted, police say the parents should be proud of their daughter for standing up for what was right. Clearly, it wasn’t in their favor, but the fact that she was able to call them out on their clear wrongdoings is a sign that she’s mature far beyond her years.

Charges have not yet been filed, pending the results of lab analysis of the plants and chemicals found in the home, police said.

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