Go-Kart Bandit Finally Arrested After 2-Year Crime Spree

05/08/2021 08:10 AM ET

A 14-year-old Tennessee boy dubbed the Go-Kart Bandit was finally apprehended last Friday after a 2-year crime spree of breaking into more than 100 homes and stealing items that he could carry with him.

Police called the boy the ‘Go-Kart Bandit’ because of his use of a go-kart to travel back alleys searching for easy targets to break into. He would steal items small enough such as video games, portable TVs, and other items of value that he could fit on to the go-kart and make a quick getaway.

Police say that on Friday, they had received a tip that the 14-year-old was once again driving through the back alleys of Nashville looking for a home to burglarize. They ended up catching him armed with a kitchen knife and a pair of gloves.

“He was an innovative individual,” Metro Police Lt. Horace Temple said to WKRN.

After being arrested the teenager admitted to two recent break-ins and several other older ones. He was charged with aggravated burglary, possession of burglary tools and loitering during regular school hours.

Lt. Temple blames the upbringing the boy apparently lacked for his behavior. “The child didn’t have a mentor or any kind of guidance in his life, and it kind of led to the life of crime on the streets,” Temple said.

Due to the boys age police would not release his identity.

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