​Half Brothers Die Jogging Days Apart From Similar Illnesses​​

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January 25, 2021

Jogging just days apart, two half brothers die from similar illnesses on Sunday, it was revealed on Jan. 23. Peter and Rynn Berry collapsed during a run in a New York City park from heart complications during a run in Central Park.

Peter 60, collapsed and died of a heart attack, and his half brother Rynn, 68, went into cardiac arrest during a New Year’s Eve run in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park and died on Jan. 9.

“It’s been a shock for the family,” said Charles Berry, the men’s last surviving sibling. “It’s still hard to believe. We’re just grateful for all the kind support.”

A memorial service was set for Monday at St. James Church in Upper Manhattan.

Rynn Berry, who had no identification on him, lay comatose and unidentified in a Brooklyn hospital for several days until his half sibling identified him after seeing a photograph on social media of a man in a hospital bed with tubes attached to him.

Rynn Berry was a respected figure in the vegetarian and vegan movements. He self-published a book titled “Vegan Guide to New York City” and wrote several other books on the history of vegans and vegetarians.

Peter Berry was a graduate of Yale and Boston University Law School and worked in tax and corporate trust law.

“Peter was in very good shape,” Charles Berry said. “He was incredible with yoga — very limber.”

The half brothers die jogging just days apart story first appeared in the Daily News. Both men had competed in the New York Marathon.

The Daily News said that an older brother, Eliot, died of heart failure in 2008 at age 59. He was a world-class squash player, an all-Ivy League football kicker and an accomplished tennis player.

The half brothers die jogging days apart story was first featured in the New York Daily News.