​Homeless Man Hides Machine Guns Inside Tent As Police Find Full Supply Of Arsenal

Campsite of Richard Cunningham
Author: Michael StevensBy:
Staff Reporter
Nov. 28, 2015

A homeless man hid machine guns in side his tent, but this was no ordinary incident, he’s been collecting an arsenal for quite some time. Richard Cunningham, a convicted felon, was taken into custody on suspicion of weapons violations and is being held in lieu of $165,000 bail, according to Breitbart News.

The 59-year-old homeless man had a cache of weapons at his encampment. Cunningham had two fully operational machine guns, four handguns, two makeshift silencers and numerous rounds of ammunition, according to Det. Mark Pope of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Cunningham, 59, did not legally own the weapons, Pope said. Deputies discovered the guns Saturday while patrolling near Doble Avenue and Lomita Boulevard. They found a homeless encampment on private property and went in to inspect it.

Homeless man with machine guns found in a tent

Homeless man with machine guns found in a tent

That’s when the homeless man with the machine guns stepped out of a tent. As deputies investigated the area, they found the trove of weapons, Pope said. It is unclear how Cunningham came to possess the arsenal.

Pictures posted by the department show what appear to be a World War II submachine gun known as a “grease gun,” though Pope could not confirm that.

“Dangerous and illegal weapons are off the street, and a previously convicted felon has been arrested,” Pope said.

Cunningham, the homeless man with the machine guns, was arraigned on Tuesday, according to the Sheriff’s Department. A future court date was pending.

The homeless man faces charges including possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of a large-capacity magazine and possession of machine guns. It is unclear what Cunningham’s previous conviction was or how he was able to obtain such an arsenal of weapons.

The department announced on its Facebook page, deputies found a homeless camp on private property.

“They exited their patrol vehicle and continued their investigation on foot, where they made contact with a man who exited a tent inside the encampment,” the post stated.

They found the homeless man “illegally in possession of, what appeared to be, two fully-operational machine guns. Cunningham also possessed four handguns, two make-shift suppressors, and numerous rounds of ammunition.”

Last week, another homeless man collecting bottles and cans in a Bronx park found several guns that had been stolen from an Army facility in Massachusetts. The 51-year-old man, who has not been identified, found the weapons inside a trash bag in Mullaly Park, which is across the street from Yankee Stadium, on Nov. 11.

The bag contained three guns — an M4 carbine and two Sig Sauer M11 pistols — but a total of 16 guns were stolen from the Lincoln Stoddard Center Armory in Worchester, Massachusetts.

James Morales, 34, a former Army reservist, was arrested on Nov. 19 in connection with the theft. Surveillance video shows Morales leaving the armory with duffel bags and placing them in a black car before dropping them off where the homeless man found them.

According to court documents, Morales entered the facility through the kitchen window early in the morning on Nov. 15 and then gained access to the machine guns vault by cutting through the vault’s ceiling with a power saw and pry bar.

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