​Homeowner Leaves Thief Dog Poop In Box As Deception On Doorstep

Homeowner Thief Dog Poop
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Dec. 15, 2015

A homeowner tricked a thief with dog poop directly from his front porch after a number of packages went missing in his neighborhood. The dog poop was certainly a big surprise for the thief as a plot of revenge after recent Christmas packages were stolen, according to AOL.

Homeowner Bryan Nalette was so fed up with package thefts from his front porch that he left a stinky surprise boxed up with a little help from his dog. It was all poop that on his doorstep as the Christmas package robbers took the bait. This all happened when packages were missing after they were delivered to his home.

Homeowner Thief Dog Poop: Robber takes decoy package from doorstep

Homeowner Thief Dog Poop: Robber takes decoy package from doorstep

The first package disappeared from Nalette’s doorstep back in October. “It never showed up,” he said. He thought it was just a mix-up until it happened again with some Christmas presents last week.

“Two days after it was supposed to show up, just an empty cardboard box with the shipping address was on there so we figured someone was opening them up, stealing the stuff and leaving the box behind.”

The homeowner felt so violated that he tricked the thief into taking dog poop. “It’s just a personal thing. I don’t like being stolen from, as I don’t think anybody does.” That’s when Bryan left a decoy package on his doorstep with a nasty surprise inside.

“I filled up the third box with dog crap,” he said, and sure enough the next day the box was gone. “I wish I could’ve been there in the car when they opened up the box,” Nalette laughed.

Using dog poop is one decoy many people are leaving for thieves. It’s a nationwide problem, and most packages are stolen during the day.

Some homeowners in Utah said it has a reputation for being a popular target for package thieves, said resident Jeff Stay. So Jeff, who receives a lot of deliveries at his home because of his job, shared one idea: put empty boxes on as many porches as possible to deter the thieves.

Jeff said Monday he hoped that thieves “would see so many boxes that they would be completely overwhelmed and head elsewhere, they would give up.” The concept took off. He doesn’t have an exact figure for how many of his neighbors are participating, but his guess is about 100 to 150.

Decoy Packages

People even took Jeff’s idea and made it their own, putting useless or used items in the boxes “just for shock value,” he said. The thief would open the package, only to find “some old clothes, or whatever the case may be.” Some homeowners are using the dog poop idea.

Kroger Menzer, who has lived since the community was first built, said that he and his neighbors aren’t doing this to catch or confront thieves. He believes that the thieves won’t waste their time anymore if they receive decoy packages.

Homeowners are striking back against thieves by using dog poop and other measures. More people are using the tactics to keep their packages on their doorsteps.

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