​Jason Falbo Ducks: Wellington Businessman Jailed For Murdering Baby Birds Near Pond

Author: Jennifer HongBy:
Staff Reporter
Dec. 16, 2015

Jason Falbo was arrested for killing ducks and other animal cruelty charges by the Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control. Deputies said the landscaper ran over the family of birds with his lawnmower, according to WPLG. A family of three watched and screamed in horror at what they had just witnessed.

Falbo, 24, of Royal Palm Beach, was arrested Wednesday and charged with nine counts of animal cruelty. Jason sat on his mower and ran over the ducks again and again. At one point he laughed at the neighbors who were watching the massacre unfold.

It all started like any normal day when neighbor Boyd Jentzsch and his son, Kai, put out food for the family of Muscovy birds that lived outside their Wellington home. But as they watched out their patio door at the mother and her 11 babies peck at their food, the lawn worker plotted a different fate for them. Laura Gontchar was with her husband when the lawnmower struck the animals at her neighbor’s home.

“Everything was flying in the air, the blade was so powerful. It was horrific,” she said.

Jason then took his mower in her backyard and began to head back towards the pack again as she ran outside screaming. Falbo then swerved his blades over them again. Jentzsch and his son watched in horror.

Jason Falbo ducks incident near pond

“We were horrified,” said Jentzsch. “I couldn’t believe it was happening. It was totally disgusting.”

Jason Falbo murdered the ducks and laughed repeatedly. The family called police on Jason that afternoon, but the arrest didn’t happen until a week later. Gontchar said her 7-year-old son loves animals and grew especially fond of the pack.

Falbo hummed along the side of their home with his lawnmower as her son watched them eat their last meal. Jason repeatedly drove over the baby ducklings as feathers, bones and small beaks went flying into the air. He then smiled and laughed as the family watched from their porch.

The three bolted out the door; first Gontchar, then Kai, then Jentzsch to confront Falbo. Four ducklings managed to get away, hobbling with their mother into the lake, but two drowned. Out of the 11 ducklings, only two survived.

Muscovy ducks with mother

“What are you doing?” Jentzsch remembers screaming, as Kai and Gontchar became more and more hysterical. “These are our friends. These are our babies, we love to feed them! Why are you laughing?”

Thanks to Jason, the boy, in tears, ran from the backyard and back into his house. Jentzsch and his wife were stunned at Falbo. It was one of the most emotional things they ever witnessed.

Nearly two weeks later, the family is still reeling from witnessing the traumatic event. The landscaper is still being held at the Palm Beach County Jail on $27,000 bail on the animal cruelty charges. What do you think should happen to Jason Falbo over the ducks?

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