​Jesus Fabric Softener Creates Miraculous Image On Clothing​​

Jesus Christ has shown himself in fabric softener, according to one British man. Martin Andrews explains that a picture of Christ formed after he spilt some of the softener his shirt.

Jesus Fabric Softener

Andrews watched as a laundry mishap turned into a miracle right before his very eyes, as a spill left the image of Jesus on his T-shirt.

Luckily it is tangible and something he can wear, because one would hate to think the image of Jesus was on the floor or somewhere that it would need to be cleaned up.

Not only did Andrews find this image on his T-shirt, it has to be at just the right angle to appreciate it.

“When the t-shirt’s the right way up, it doesn’t really look like anything, but when you look at is the other way up, it’s really him,” he said.

While his fabric stained T-shirt isn’t the best advertisement for his laundry skills, it does however suggests that this man has a divine touch with dirty clothes.