Jonathan McGowan Explains Roadkill Diet, Owl Curries

Jonathan McGowan Enjoys The Roadkill Diet – 30 years eating. McGowan makes roadkill owl curries, and rat stir fries because he doesn’t like the way farmed animals are treated. If you haven’t guessed, Jonathan is a conservationist, and he’s proud of it.

The 44-year-old bachelor holds off-the-road food parties and first got a taste for free meat when he was 14 years old. He cooked it in adder butter and thought it was great. The taxidermist from Bournemouth, Dorset, never kills the animals himself but eats only what he finds at the roadside or in woodland.

“From a young age I was always interested in natural history and being brought up amongst the farming, hunting and shooting communities of the Dorset countryside meant I was right in the middle of everything,” McGowan said.

“The adder didn’t actually taste very nice – a bit like bacon rind. But it had piqued my curiosity and I wondered what else I could eat and what it would taste like,” he added.

“Everywhere I looked there were dead animals; fish that had been caught, pheasants that had been shot and animals that had been run over in the road so naturally I became drawn to nature and how it worked,” he stated

“I used to cut up dead animals to see their insides and when I did all I could see was fresh, organic meat, better than the kind I had seen in the supermarkets. So I never saw a problem with cooking and eating it.”

McGowan, who has never fallen ill from his roadkill diet, claims his speciality is pan-fried crane flies, while his owl curries and rat stir fries are also popular.

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